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Cairo, the capital of Egypt, has a population of nearly 10 millions and is, thus, the largest city on the continent of Africa. It sprawls over both banks of the Nile, about 12 miles south of the river’s Damietta-Rosette fork. Most of the town is situated on the right, eastern bank; only in the last few decades has the city spread further and further to the west. In either direction, however, the desert quite literally takes over where the city ends. To the east, the Arabian Desert with the Mokattam Mountains; to the west bound Cairo by the Libyan Desert and the Pyramids. Formerly, Opera Square was considered the city center, but now this has shifted westwards closer to the Nile. We offer a list of the most often visited, historical places, which are a must to see when in Cairo.


Cairo evening view from
the Tower of Cairo 

Sights in Cairo :

Egyptian Museum

Near Nile Hilton Hotel.
The Museum holds the world’s largest collection of Egyptian antiquities, covering over 3,000 years of Pharaonic history.

Egyptian Museum Tour 


Museum of Coptic Art
Within the walls of the Roman Fortress of Babylon and amid several Coptic churches stunning collection of icons, textiles, etc., dating from 300 AD.

Coptic Museum in Cairo

Museum of Islamic Art in old Cairo                                                      
A magnificent collection, dating from the 7th century; rare and comprehensive.




Museum of Islamic Art

Bayt el -Suhaymi                                                                                           
Sahaymi House Museum
North of Khan El Khalili built in 1648 by a wealthy merchant, it’s the best preserved of Cairo’s medieval houses. 

Sahaymi House Museum
Wekalet El Ghouri
Near El Azhar Mosque
Beautifully preserved example of Islamic architecture, which today houses artists’ studios, local crafts are on sale. 



Mosques in Cairo :

Al- Azhar
Built by the Fatamids in 972, this is the worlds oldest university and the principle theological seminary in the Islamic world.

Al- Azhar Mosque
Ibn Tulun                                                                           
One of the masterpieces of Islamic architecture, built in 879 by Egypt’s first independent Muslim ruler. Its massive scale and elegant simplicity makes it one of Cairo’s most impressive monuments. 

Ibn Tulun Mosque in Cairo 
Built in 1911 as the final resting-place of the Egyptian royal family, it also contains the tomb of the late Shah of Iran 
Refai Mosque in Cairo
Sultan Hassan                                                                                   
Built in 1362 on a grandiose scale, its fortress like walls contain a congregational mosque, four colleges of Islamic law, and the tomb of its founder.
Sultan Hassan Mosque
The Citadel
Mohamed Ali Citadel
Built by Salah El-din, the chivalrous opponent of the Crusaders in 1176, as the fortress home of the Egyptian Sultan. Subsequent rulers added mosques and places inside its walls. Within the compound are the mosque of Mohamed Ali, the Jewelry Museum, the Carriage Museum, and the Military Museum.  
Mohamed Ali Citadel

Ben Ezra Synagogue in Cairo                                                          

Egypt’s oldest synagogue.
Documents of medieval Jewish life were discovered here.



Ben Ezra Synagogue in Cairo 

Churches in Cairo:
Church of  Abu Serga(St. Serguis)                                                 
It is believed the Holy Family rested after fleeing here from Herod .



Hanging Church in Cairo
El Moalaka Church (The Hanging Church)                                                            
The earliest Known Christian place of worship in Egypt, it is suspended above the walls of the fortress gate.

El Moalaka Church
Pharaonic Sites:

Egypt’s first capital, a small museum includes a splendid Limestone colossus of Ramses II, among other ancient sculptures.

The Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx                   
A sight not to be missed .

The Ancient Pyramids of   Giza and the Sphinx
Sound & Light Show at Pyramids              

Don’t miss the Sound & Light Show in the evenings.

Sound & Light Show
Home of the famous Step Pyramid, and the largest funerary complex in the necropolis . 

Solar Boat
Preserved for 4,500 years the Solar Barque.

Other Places Of Interest :
Cairo Tower                                                                                                          

Beautiful views of Cairo and all points from the top, a symbol of the success of modern Egypt.  

Cairo Tower

Cairo Zoo
Once part of the Ismail Pasha’s gardens former ruler of Egypt, it now houses about 4000 animals approximately .


Khan El Khalili Bazaars                                                                                    
Huge and wonderful with a warren of narrow passages and winding alleys lined with small shops, all glittering with gold, silver, colorful, souvenirs, leather, copper, brass, gems and textiles. The most shopping fun you’ll have in a lifetime.

Khan El Khalili Bazaars
Pharaonic Village
See live reenactments of ancient life in Egypt on Jacob’s Island. Visitors reach the village by boat through winding canals and amid live papyrus plants .



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